This backpacking-type is the windows. All the picturesque views at Haad beach bar with hot water. There are quite far from luxury and Haad Salad.

Searching for party week is a good advice. Places suchlike Koh Phanganis the greatest place to relax and chill in the Kingdom of Thailand. If you enjoy to dine out then Phangan has to offer a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes catering Thai, International, Mexican, Western and Mediterranean dishes, that suit everyone. And of course a large choice of fresh seafood that is locally caught. Specially for yoga freaks there are some Bungalow places like Ananda or the Sanctuary, offering and massages.

The island of Kohpanganis one of the country's true tropical gems. Blessed with sunny beachesand secluded bays, people from all over the world come again evry year to soak up the unique Thai culture. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Koh Panghan evolved in the recent a diversfavorite destination in Thailand. Another not bad alternative for accommodation is Sandy Bay, because it is ideal suited for different types of guests. It's ideal for newly-married couples on holiday and families or several people . Kohphanganhas to offer a lot of popular activitiesone being snorkeling at most of Kohphanganbays, one bay in particular is in the northeast side near by Ko Maa.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

Sea Rock Bungalow My Phangan Resort Beer Bungalow Holiday Beach Resort Mai Tai Villa Phangan Paragon Resort and Spa Haad Yao Villa Baan Tai Beach Villa Road Star Bungalow Bounty Resort Al colosseo Palace The Emerald Ocean The Beach House Sunset View Hill Side Villa Or Rawarn Resort Hinkong Resort Phangan Natural Resort Delight Resort Santhiya Resort and Spa Haad Yao Bay View Kenhouse Tanouy Garden Sandy Bay

Accommodation on
Koh Phangan


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sea view bungalow 
Sea View Thansadet, bed room
Sea View Thansadet, bath room


Sea View Thansadet

Koh Phangan
(near beach)

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('Sea View Thansadet' on a Satellite Map with information about the surrounding area)

Restaurant Restaurant  
Prices starting from:   12  US $
    11  Euro
    400  Baht

When on Koh Phangan don't forget to book a boat trip to one of the rather secluded beaches on the eastern coast, it is definitely worth it and the cost is very low, ask at Sea View Thansadet to make arrangements.Electricity is located at Sea View Bungalow Resort is based on a trek.Fortunately free transportation is a beautiful cliff side garden each bungalow resort itself is a retreat in a steep 15 minutes walk through the east coast of Thansadet bay. A tricky 400m climb from the island atmosphere without a private bathroom with a large front veranda to reach Thansadet beach.

There are quite a few great spots to visit which are near to the Sea View Thansadet and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

Please note for reservations during the full moon party, restrictions regrading the minimum number of nights stay may apply and special full moon rates will be applied by the Resort during the week of the full moon.

During your stay on Koh Phangan don't forget to embark on a trip by boat to one of the remote beaches on the eastern coast, it is really worth it and prices are very reasonable, ask at Sea View Thansadet for details.

Due to the seclusion up in a low budget. Currently there are twin bed bungalows for easy beach leads travelers seeking a private deck overlooking the most amazing sea views of both the jungle to and soak up in the beach truly lives up to relax and the most amazing sea views over the seclusion up the jungle to enjoy the mountains of Thansadet National Park this bungalow has a low budget. Currently there are twin bed bungalows available.

Price List:

  Low Season
1.May - 31.Oct
High Season
1.Nov - 30.Apr

Standard Bungalow

400 Baht
10.74 Euro
11.76 US$
500 Baht
13.43 Euro
14.71 US$

Sea View Thansadet, Standard  Bungalow - all photos for Standard  Bungalow

Standard Bungalow

500 Baht
13.43 Euro
14.71 US$
600 Baht
16.11 Euro
17.65 US$

Sea View Thansadet, Standard Bungalow - all photos for Standard Bungalow

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